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About?Radiology Vine

Radiology Vine is where we believe in developing the person behind the professional. We joke about doctors that have no patience and patients that think they are a doctor.

But what we really want to do is say, well done for being the professional that takes a breath and does the best job you can especially when it’s easier to not be…

Radiology Vine was born out of that special sauce, that we spread liberally. We add some professional development and sprinkle on some humor, because being a professional day in day out means, you need to look after the person behind the professional.

Radiology is amazing, but it takes or makes a special kind of person to do this job that we do. Radiology Vine is here to help fill those gaps that your degree didn’t include.

The industry has grown dramatically and continues to offer up new challenges in every modality.

Radiology Vine is your hub for all things radiology. We are less about the CPD?s and more about bringing us all together with a mutual admiration for each other and this crazy place we call work.

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